About Us


EXE is a multi service provider company. We truly believe that life is no fun without target and a bridge is necessary to meet the target in an efficient way. EXE acts as a bridge for individual & businesses to hit their targets. EXE today deals with 150+ network channels and serves 40 companies across various sectors in India. Software development, third party software marketing & sales, Wealth Management, Real estate consulting, occupational trainings & placements & recruitment.


We at EXE, consciously evolve existing products & services to solve the most basic and intricate problems using most varied &p; heterogeneous data and process. Through our advisory services we assist our clients in re-defining their scope of Experiences for the New Products and Services. Our product makes complex problem easier and helps businesses to travel in uncharted territories.

Our philosophy is to provide customer with best of customer experience and satisfaction. We provide our clients tailored solutions of their requirement through our product and services. Our multi-disciplinary team is a mix of analyst, engineers, computer scientists, statisticians and management professionals work together in most efficient and consultative way to realize clientVs objectives in desired timeframe.

Our Development