EOTP (Occupational Training & Placements)

EXE's occupational training and placement (EOTP) is a division of EXE that intends to shape up and sharpen the key skills of an individual who is preparing for a professional goal. We will help in identifying, developing and enhancing key skills of candidates so that they don't end up taking wrong jobs. Employability is a big concern that India today faces. We have abundant supply and ample demand but still the unemployment especially in professional courses is on rise. The prime reason is mismatch between corporate expectations and passed out student's content. We bridge the gap. We work on every individual on enhancing his/her employability factors. We have exclusively designed EOTP's employability enhancement program that helps students to get better fundamentally and approach the corporate with complete confidence.

Not all students in their college times are aware about corporate world, nature of job and related growth to it and so sometimes end up entering into wrong profile. There is no mechanism to get a feel or understand the available areas for an individual's growth. As a result one may not get what he wants but more than that a deeper problem is "WHAT DO I WANT"? Following few questions can emerge in a learners mind:

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